Life, Executive and Business Coaching

We offer life coaching which helps you confront and understand conditions in your personal life that obstruct your growth towards your full potential. Our executive coaching programme is in essence leadership and performance coaching. Our business coaching elements enables you to analyze your present situation and unlock future possibilities. It is an effective process that enhances your entrepreneurial, managerial and business skills, develops your business performance and brings about exceptional success results.
Workshops offer compact educational opportunities to work on specific problems.
When the complexities of leading a team become too challenging, a workshop may be the answer. Workshops offer compact educational opportunities to work on specific problems. 


Endorphin Global’ s workshops are conducted at the request of a client and are tailor-made to the specific needs of the organisation. 

  • Build good team dynamics, essential in any business environment
  • Re-clarify the core values and common goals of the business among staff members
  • Establish unity of purpose and co-operation between team members
  • Manage conflict in a team made up of people with diverse backgrounds
  • Teach hands-on skills such as business protocol or etiquette.

Our coaches are experienced coaches with expertise in teamwork concepts and training.
We conduct small workshops for groups of 6 – 12 persons.
Small groups enable practical initiatives and allow for personal attention by the coach.
Team members are in a safe environment where they can fail without being judged.
They learn practical strategies and skills that they can implement outside the workshop environment.
The goal of any workshop is to create synergy in the company, in other words an interaction of staff members in such a way that their combined value and performance are greater than the sum of their individual effects.

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