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Organisations and Company owners are often busy trying to deliver the best-quality service and products, leaving them less time to maintain their finances, accounting, operations and company administration. We provide bookkeeping and accounting services for small businesses and our team is driven by industry experts in accounting, bookkeeping, and taxation. Staffed by qualified and experienced Chartered Accountants and other skilled accounting professionals, with implementation of a streamlined payroll system that ensures limited administration. We assist with the process of acquiring, training, managing, retaining employees for them to contribute effectively to the processes of the organisation.

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With the changing business landscape, we offer the online digital accountant. We have accompanied in the next generation of accounting, tax, payroll and compliance services. We achieved the impossible, creating a significantly superior service.
Our systems track every single task and detail of our service to clients. The system ensures everything happens on time and correctly and keeps every person accountable in their responsibilities. It prevents anything from slipping through the cracks. The advanced monitoring capability of our technology ensures a level of efficiency that is unheard of and makes it possible to deliver an unmatched service. Our clients get value for money and the peace of mind that entrepreneurs deserve,
Our clients can log in to our system from any device and see exactly what they are paying for. Every single detail regarding their service and compliance is tracked and displayed in an easy-to-use web application. If we don’t perform on par, our clients are the first to know. Others call it crazy to have this much transparency. We call it a long-overdue necessity to put our client first and build a great trust relationship.
Our systems automate much of the work-flow so business  can focus more on our clients. Automating workflow with technology saves time and eliminates errors and increases accuracy and reliability. Our technology makes it possible to provide a significantly superior service, but also at a much more affordable price.
Business challenges today are fundamentally people and organisational challenges: From globalization to digital to regulation to innovation, organisation depend on their people to deliver business results. Endorphin Global’s Human Capital services leverage research, analytics, and industry insights to help design and execute the HR, talent, leadership, organisation and change programs that enable business performance through people performance.

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