Artificial Intelligence Applications for Small Business

In today’s world, small business owners saying they need to embrace technology to drive growth is similar to saying they need to make money … it’s true, but everyone already knew that already.

As the pace of technology becomes more rapid, it becomes harder to know which development to pay attention to. One development that seems here to stay and is making real impact for businesses is artificial intelligence, or AI.

Though once a far-out notion, AI has become fairly commonplace in the market, with products like Siri on our phones, Google Home in our spaces, and smart programs on websites to answer questions in real-time. In fact, these tools are so widespread, and so seamlessly integrated with our experience of technology, and random studies show that most consumers don’t even realise when they’re using AI.

From a business perspective, the application of AI holds a lot of potential power, and industry leaders are taking notice. Most executives we have dealt with, consider AI to be a significant “business advantage, and its widespread implementation throughout business software is bringing AI to more and more businesses each day, small and large. Here are 4 areas where artificial intelligence could give your small business a significant boost.

  1. Customer Service
  2. Accounting
  3. Analytics
  4. Cybersecurity

Artificial intelligence wasn’t imagined to have practical business applications back when the writers of Terminator described Sky Net taking over the world, but today we are helping many businesses explore AI and find useful applications to improve efficiency, ensure compliance with regulations, increase employee engagement and lower customer churn, as basic tasks are automated. Whether you choose an AI to keep a careful database of accounts, protect your company from hackers, or stay in tune with your customers, this is one tech that can vitalize and empower your small business.

Let’s have a discussion about how we can take your business to the next level.

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