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The Intelligent Path to ERP Cloud Goals Transformation and Growth

Organisations in every industry are constantly reinventing themselves. Businesses must continually evolve their business models or risk being left behind. Click here to read more.

Financial Institutions Are Set For Change

COVID-19 has forced everyone into accelerated digitisation and real productivity gains are required to survive restructuring waves. Low interest rates redefine product and portfolio combinations. Click here to read more.

Future of Government

The COVID-19 impact has forced everyone globally to reimagine the future of government. Click here to read more

Membership of the Audit Committee

South Africa’s globally leading best practice report on corporate governance, King III, proposes that all companies should have an audit committee with at least three independent non-executive directors. Click here to read more.

Why Cognitive Computing is a Game Changer for Risk Management

Applying cognitive computing against massive data sets can help organisations process information more quickly and make smarter business decisions. Click here to read more.

Strategic Risk

Strategic risks can do serious damage to an organisation, very quickly. These risks can compromise supply chains, facilities, technology, talent, capital, reputation, and basic drivers of value. Click here to read more

The Future of Automotive

Five Things Manufacturers Should Consider to Dial-in their Recovery Effort 1.) Increase collaboration with dealer networks to accelerate the adoption of digital tools designed to create frictionless engagement and meet customers where they want to do business. Click here to read more.

Impact of COVID-19 on Defence, Security and Justice

As the effects of COVID-19 are felt around the world, Defence, Security, and Justice (DS&J) agencies are working to maintain mission readiness, ensure public safety, and support government-wide efforts. Click here to read more.

Future of Health

Digital medicine products are transforming research and care models, and changing regulations’ aim to expand access. Explore how organisations are aligning for success in the Future of Health™, where digital medicine products will be used at scale. Click here to read more

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